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Before you go and book the first web consulting team that you see, or even after an enthusiastic referral from your friends, you have to check for yourself if the team seems like a good fit for you. Thankfully, the Internet makes it so much easier for us to check and research about anything and everything.

Use this to your advantage by doing a quick background check on the firm that you are shortlisting. It would help if you have a short list of requirements and priorities and tick them off as you read about the firms that you are considering.

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Check Out The Services Offered

Read the list of services that they offer from their website. A longer list of services does not necessarily mean a better company. Check YOUR list of requirements and see which ones are available with this company. Remember that you should not be side tracked with other unimportant features and inclusions – focus on priorities before moving on to your nice-to-have’s.

For example, the basic list of services would most probably include:

  • Web designing and development
  • W3C compliance
  • User-interface design consultation
  • Web advertisement placements and packages
  • Search engine optimisation work (SEO)
  • Web content writing

Cross-reference With Packaging and Pricing

Check the price packaging that they offer with the list of products above. Remember your budget and try to stick to it, as much as you can. By going through three to four different web consulting companies, you will be able to grasp the “normal” rate for specific services and inclusions. Most of the time, you do get what you pay for. Be wary of prices that are too low since you might be sacrificing a lot in exchange for it (like poor after sales support).

Some sites may charge more than the others – can the increased costs be justified?  There are some that have undergone certification processes or have a very extensive list of clientele.

How’s Their Availability?

Once you have your short list of companies, check out their availability. Is their team ready to take on a project right now? Can you wait if they cannot take you right away? How easy is it to get in touch with them? How are the reviews regarding their after sales support?

Clients And Partner List

Lastly, one of the most important things to take a look at is their clients and partners list. Naturally, big names would mean reputable services, especially if the big names have been with them for a number of years already. They cannot simply paste the logo of the other companies into their sites – this must be done with their permission.

Good luck in looking for a team that fits your needs and answers your requirements!