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Every day many new websites are created and these new websites all need a way to let the world become aware of their presence. Most companies and firms today have an online equivalent; this is often their official web page. The internet is one of; if not the best way of advertising your company and the services and products it has to offer. Initially many people may be unaware of your website therefore you need to advertise it. Advertising your web site doesn’t only refer to paying somebody else to post a link to your site on their page, you can do a few things that will help you to advertise your page, often at little or no cost to you. One of the things you can do is use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

But what is SEO? Let’s start at the beginning – your website is made from source code, this is a collection of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language) tags that all add together to give your web sites source code. The trouble is, this source code itself is not in a form that can be usefully understood by the common man. That’s where web browsers come in, they ‘read’ your source code and display it in a form that people can easily see and understand. So what part does SEO play in this? As you may be aware, the internet is a vast place. It contains billions of web pages all selling, promoting and advertising different products and services. This provides an immense challenge for the user, how are they ever going to scour through all those billions of sites in search of exactly what they are looking for?

That’s where search engines come into the picture; search engines constantly search the internet, using web crawlers. These are automated robots that search the source code of websites for certain key words. Once a website is found that has a certain key word or words in its source code. This website is listed by the parent search engine. Internet marketing is based on Search Engine Optimisation. It is through the effective use of search engine optimisation that a web site can promote its products or services.

The internet is such a powerful advertising tool that some companies, if not most, include an internet marketing department, where the team members are well educated on the benefits of SEO and how to use it to better market their company or firm. The top search providers or engines are currently Google, Yahoo and MSN, which is also known as Bing! These search engines make use of powerful algorithms. Put simply, algorithms are instructions that try to account for every possible outcome, and these algorithms are what guide web crawlers. Web crawlers search for certain key words in your sites source code and when these words are found your website is listed.
That’s good news if you’re trying to promote your firm. Many companies would be willing to spend millions just to have their company come up at the top of a search engine list every time a certain key word was used. Using internet marketing with the efficient use of SEO, a company can achieve this goal. But this will take time, web sites are also given rankings based on how many hits they get, Google has even introduced a new ‘plus one’ system that lets users rate web pages. The more ratings you get, the higher the likelihood of your page being found closer to the top of an internet search.

Clearly internet marketing is essential for the success of any business, but to get optimum results, you will need to use internet marketing in conjunction with Search Engine Optimisation.