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Link building is one of the most effective ways to raise your website’s ranking in the search engines. By having other websites link to your site, you can increase free traffic and gain a higher ranking in one shot.

Your search engine positioning depends on

  • How many quality sites link to you – the more the better!
  • How popular or established those sites are – some “authority sites” are worth more than low-traffic, new websites
  • What keywords other sites use in the link text – the keyword in the link must match the content

Most search engines like Google place a lot of emphasis on links between sites, and they use this to determine if your site is worth getting a first page ranking or not. Therefore, it’s very important to have a linking strategy if you want to increase the qualified traffic to your site.

To do this, you must come up with at least 5 link texts for your website, with each link containing your targeted keywords or a variation of your targeted keywords. For example:

Link Text 1: WordPress Blog Tips
Link Text 2: WordPress Blogging Tips
Link Text 3: Blogging with WordPress
Link Text 4: Easy WordPress Blog Tips
Link Text 5: Tips on WordPress Blogging

In the example above, the keyword you are targeting for your blog is “WordPress Blog” and “WordPress Tips”.

If you were to just use the words “WordPress blog” in all links pointing to the blog, most search engines will see this as keyword spamming and they may even remove your site from their database. To avoid this, you must vary the keywords you use.

Now that you’ve developed a list of anchor text you can use to link to your site from other sites, it’s time to embark on a link-building campaign. Remember, link-building is a gradual process and you cannot expect to get this done in one day. Instead, you’ll need to do it continuously for several months at least to see results.  If you have no links pointing to your site today and suddenly that increases to 1,000 links next week, it’s surely going to raise some red flags in search engines like Google.

One surefire method of getting one-way links to your site is by writing guest posts for other blogs.  The things to remember is to write them constantly, which really sounds easier than it is. You  need to write and publish at least one new guest post each week.  Guest blogging is a win-win process. Since you’re putting content on their website, they will allow you to create a signature file for each article you write, in which you can put a short blurb about yourself or your business, and put a live link back to your site.

Other ways to create links back to your site are through forum posts and article marketing, with your link in your signature, and directory submissions. You should take care to consult with an SEO professional before embarking on a link-building campaign on your own, so you know the rules of the game!