So you want to create compelling marketing content for your blog that clients will actually read? If you blog consistently and offer up some type of readable content, you’ll get clients to read what you have to say. Many experts say, “The more content you write, the higher you’ll rank in the search engines”. That may have been the norm in the beginning of content marketing, however the landscape has changed somewhat since then, thanks to the growth of social media and easier accessibility to blogging platforms. Since 2015, MarketingProfs.comcites that 2 million new blog posts are written each day. So you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I compete with that?”

There is no doubt that number is much higher today. The days of writing readable marketing content for your blog to rank high within SERPs (search engine results page) is long gone. Today, your content must be compelling, and it must capture your client’s attention and any potential client’s attention. Remember, these are marketing blogs (without using traditional marketing). Here’s how to write marketing blogs your clients will actually read.

Why Are You Writing a Blog?

The term “content marketing” is more than just generating leads and turning them into sales. You’re writing a blog to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. If you want your blog to fit into the whole “scope” of content marketing, then you can’t treat it as an advertising billboard.

Your readers are inundated with enough ads as it is. The last thing they want to see is more ads clogging up that small window where they should be reading compelling content. Instead of writing ad copy for your blog, you need to prove to them you’re a thought leader or expert in your industry or niche.

Your blog must be a space that helps you develop your personal brand. Instead of someone just trying to sell quality stuff on the internet, introduce to your readers information they can actually use in their daily life.

Your blog should not try and market your product or service as the best- people don’t like being sold to or having hard sell approaches rammed down their throats- it’s off putting and you’d be lucky if they read past your first sentence.

No One Cares How Many Blog Posts You Can Publish

Research conducted by has found that in today’s digital era, your blog’s content must stand out for Google to consider you an authority in your niche. With that said, creating a blog your clients will actually read requires you to produce in-depth, high-quality content instead of churning out blog post after blog post.

Readers today don’t care how much content is on your blog. All readers’ want is some actionable information they can really use. Too many bloggers publish an excessive amount of posts, which are full of fluff and no substance, and then proceed to wonder why visitors aren’t reading their blogs. Visitors to those sites aren’t reading the blogs because they consider the content to be of no benefit to them, and they don’t think it is worth their time reading it.

Less Is More

The bottom line to creating a successful marketing blog your clients will read is by offering them content that is new, fresh and beneficial. Content that discusses topics or pain points that they can relate to. These topics/pain points might be areas that you can help with by means of your product or service or you might create content that covers topics related to your industry. Less is more when it comes to promoting your product or service on your blog- try to stick to the 80/20 rule (80% content that really engages your audience and 20% promotion). There is always time to promote your product or service via fresh content, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Think outside the box and treat your blog as your passion project and not just a promotional tool.

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