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Where to Get Inspiration For Killer Blog Post Ideas

Other than the lack of job security and the at times pitiful hourly rates, the most painful part of being a blogger is probably writers block, or more accurately, topic block. What the hell are you going to write a post about today?

Unfortunately, the average visitor to your blog expects new content and they expect it to be entertaining, informative and new. Some days providing such content is simple, other days, it’s like pulling teeth. Here are a few places to find inspiration during the latter. If these don’t get your inspiration synapses firing, nothing will.

In The News

As well as making sure that you remain relevant, keeping up to date with developments in your blogs field also helps to make sure that you don’t run out of new things to talk about. Has anything happened recently that your readers might have missed?


Unless you blog about something incredibly obscure, chances are high that new products are constantly being released that are relevant to your blogs niche. Reviews of such products are not only pretty simple posts to write, they can also be some of the most profitable when combined with Amazon’s affiliate program.

Your Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition is not just important when it comes to knowing where you stand in terms of quality, it’s also a great way to find inspiration for new posts. Do you agree or disagree with what they have written lately? Do you want to just disagree with them anyway because you are having a bad day?


If you happen to run a blog about a relatively mainstream and popular topic, inspiration can frequently be gained by simply talking about it in bars. In fact, some of my best blog posts have been based upon ideas brought up during late night conversations in bars. Just remember to bring a pen and paper. Also, don’t use it as an excuse to go out every night. That’s not your job, whatever way you frame it.


Most people are aware that being an active participant in a forum related to your blogs niche can be highly beneficial in terms of both exposure and backlinks. Such forums can also be an excellent source of inspiration. Not only can they act as a sounding board for your half hatched ideas, they also allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of what people really care about in your blogs niche.

Google Trends

Not only can Google Trends give you plenty of post ideas, it can also make sure that what you choose to post about is actually being searched for. And what’s more, the sheer randomness of what’s trending frequently leads to post topics that you would never have come up with on your own. It’s also interesting to find out just how many topics you can bend into being relevant to your blogs niche.

Magazines and Newspapers

Spend enough hours online each day and it can be pretty easy to forget that there are many interesting things to read offline too. Newspapers, provided they are not the tabloid variety, are often full of potential post ideas. The same can also be said about a number of monthly magazines. In short, always keep a few pieces of print journalism around your office.

Your Comments

Almost every successful blogger takes the time to respond to comments on their blog but most solely respond with a comment back. Why not take it one step further by writing posts in response to comments that you receive? Doing so is not only a great source of inspiration, when you clearly state that you are responding to a comment, you are also demonstrating just how much you value the opinions of your readers.

Your Own Archives

While rewriting your old posts is unlikely to win you any fans, writing follow ups to past favourites can be highly beneficial. Not only will long time readers be happy to hear about something they liked in the past, new readers are likely to check out the old posts that the updates are based upon too.

Q and A Sites

There’s nothing wrong with writing posts solely for entertainment purposes. After all, that’s exactly what most web users are looking for when they head online. But being useful is another important attribute to aim for. And what could be more useful than answering peoples questions?

Check out Quora, Yahoo Answers and Askville. Find out what questions people are asking about your field. Provided you know the answers to those questions, you can probably turn them into useful and informative blog posts. And you can probably guess where you can then easily promote those posts.

Sean Lautner, an American web designer and blogger enjoys writing posts to help beginner bloggers and web designers. He recently visited some of the best Orlando Florida data centers and was immediately inspired to write a post comparing colocation hosting providers.