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Today I went to the WordPress website and I learned something interesting. As of today there are 303,184 bloggers on WordPress. There were also 283,340 new posts, 363,094 comments, and 62,151,563 words written on this website today. Those numbers are simply astounding. By the time this article makes it to the Internet and you read my thoughts, there will be even more bloggers registered. What does that mean? It means WordPress is a powerful tool and more and more people are recognising this fact every day.

So what is WordPress? It is a free blog network which includes a variety of features for users. Many of the bloggers who use WordPress have blogs for personal use but a growing number of them are using blogs to promote a product or business. That is because they are learning that by creating a blog in a niche, relevant to their product or service, they will begin to gain recognition as a reputable source of information. Once this happens, your regular visitors will begin to increase and you will be reaching an even larger audience.

Why is WordPress so popular? The simple answer to this question is WordPress is popular because it is so easy to use. There are a number of themes available which means those with no experience creating a website at all can just pick a template and get started with a great looking blog right away. With a little bit of coding knowledge, you can create your own themes or customise some of the existing ones. You can literally write and publish your first blog entry within minutes of creating an account at WordPress. Just as quickly you can change the theme of your blog and create a whole new look.

Another reason people love WordPress so much is it offers great statistical information. This information is vital to Internet marketers who want to know how many visitors are viewing the blog and what is of interest to these visitors. The statistical information will not only tell you how many visitors you have though. It also tells you where they are coming from and what they are reading on your blog.

There are also a wide variety of widgets available on WordPress. The best part about these widgets is you do not need to know any code to place them on your blog. All you have to do is drag and drop them wherever you want them and WordPress takes care of the rest. Some of the widgets currently available include Twitter, Flickr, and