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If you want to attract more traffic and gain higher rankings in the search engine rankings, then there are some free, simple changes that can be made to your website pages. These changes only take a few minutes but can make a major difference in terms of how well your website is ranked. This article will cover the simple changes that you can put into place right now.

Title tags

The title tag is a very important component that will help with on site search engine optimisation. Strangely, there are still many websites that don’t include title tags. These businesses are missing out on higher rankings because of this.

In order to make the most of your title tag, ensure that it is a descriptive phase or sentence that includes your main keywords. The title tags must include your keywords even if the grammar is a little awkward. Remember that the big search engines look for the title tag when crawling your website. The title is also what is shown in the Google SERPs (search engine results page) when the results are returned during a search.

Meta tags

One of the simplest changes that can be made is to your website’s meta tags. You can find these at the beginning of you HTML code. Simply add a descriptive sentence in the description meta tag and your primary keywords in the keyword meta tag. If you are unsure, then check your competition and use that as a guide.

Although Google and other search engines no longer take into account the keyword meta tag, it’s still a good idea to include it.  If this tag reappears in an algorithm, your site is already setup for it.

Validate your HTML code

Validating your HTML code is very important in order to ensure that there are no errors in the code. If there are coding errors, then the search engine spiders will not be able to read the code. This will mean your website will be incorrectly listed in the search results (usually much lower than it should be). It will also effect how other websites interact with your site.

Validating your HTML code is very simple and there are many free programs on the web that will do this for you. Run a quick search in Google and you will come across many options.

Use image tags

Many websites miss this simple procedure and therefore suffer in the SEO application. Besides this, using this tag is an easy way to add additional keywords into the code of your website. This will increase your rankings in the search engines. It should be noted that search engines cannot read any code associated with images, so you need to describe the image in terms of text. This will help you to gain a higher placing in the listings.

Use a sitemap

If your website does not currently have a sitemap, then you need to implement one as soon as possible. The sitemap is a very useful addition that Google and the other search engines use in order to find and rank your webpages, as well as finding new webpages very quickly. One good tip for very large websites is to split up your sitemap into pages of less than one hundred links per page.

If you put these simple steps into place, then you will have a much better website structure and gain higher placements in the search engines as a result.