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Strategic website development attracts more visitors than online advertising

The numbers do the talking

Ultimate Bridal Hair and Make Up involves a team of professionals, dedicated to making their clients look and feel spectacular on their wedding day. Since the company’s website went live in December 2007, it has achieved steady traffic. However, this is not due to the more than $7000 a year for advertising in wedding directories.Instead, traffic numbers from Google is double the visitors generated from the nine different directories.

In April 2008, for example, Ultimate Bridal Hair and Make Up achieved:

568 visitors from Google vs 256 visitors from the combined nine paid directories

The first point of call

Web development is the most effective and efficient method of attracting the greatest number of visitors to your website. HomePage Development will work with you to decide your site’s purpose, requirements and target audience. From there, appropriate keyword phrases will be determined to optimise your website, ensuring top search engine rankings.

With high placement in search engine results, your site can be seen and visited!

The structure of your website plays a vital role in its success. Optimisation pre-empts what your target audience will type into the search engine, and therefore, what results will be listed. To ensure your website is visible and accessible, choose structure over spending and allow HPD to develop your site using optimisation principles.

The ultimate results

Listings reveal a search for ‘bridal hair’ in Google Australia presented Ultimate Bridal Hair and Make Up at a number two position on page one.

And more searches showed:

‘bridal hairdressing’ at number one
‘bride hairdressing’ at number one
‘hair and make-up’ at number three
‘hair and makeup’ at number three

These results have been achieved purely through the initial web development process. There has been no additional or ongoing optimisation carried out on this site.