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The saying “build it and people will come” is not accurate in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing internet environment. There are techniques which need to be implemented to help people find your website and make people want to stay.

An uneven playing field

The truth is not all sites are built equally. Your web developer should base your website on your business’s offer, extensive knowledge of your customers’ behaviour and your entire internet presence.

Give SEO a go

A crucial element of web development is search engine optimisation (SEO), which involves creating an appropriate website structure for your business. Your site should be built on a SEO foundation, to ensure it is search engine- and user-friendly.

If your website does not register in the top rankings of a search engine, more often than not, you will remain unnoticed by your customers and potential customers. SEO can easily and affordably raise your internet profile, and help users find what they are looking for.

Easy points

It is important for your web developer to know what to incorporate in a website; what impresses and what discourages. Learn from the experience of web development professionals as to what is appropriate for your business.

For example, you should avoid excessive use of Flash, frames and JavaScript for more efficient user operation. And splash pages (intro pages) can be a waste of your time and money – does an introductory page with a pretty picture and a “click here to enter site” serve you any functional purpose?

Get in the game

The right web developer can ensure your website is standards compliant, fast-loading and easy to manage. The experts can apply their knowledge to your business to achieve maximum success. And the right web development is vital to get the customer traffic you desire.