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The good entrepreneurs know that it is not just enough for them to promote their business using the traditional methods. With the internet reaching more and more people, there is a great need for business owners to start establishing a strong online presence. Because not all of us are experts when it comes to SEO and improving your website’s visibility, we often fall prey to the widely propagated myths about optimizing your website. And one of these myths is that you should incorporate as many keywords as you can into your page in order for search engines to pick up and rank better your website.

This becomes rather problematic because your content is no longer written to suit your real audience—those individuals who open their web browsers, go to a search engine, type a query and then choose from the various websites that pop out. Instead of coming up with something witty, inspiring and fun, you are writing for a search engine, something which is not capable of digesting thought and deriving satisfaction out of reading something thought provoking or helpful. In other words, your write ups fall flat and become underutilized.

Sure, it is necessary for your website to be found. But in no way should you sacrifice your opportunity to establish a relationship with your readers by offering them content which is helpful and newsworthy. By providing your readers something which they willingly consume, they will naturally look forward to visiting your website and you’re on your way to establishing wide readership and a loyal audience. At the end of the day, that is what entrepreneurs should be after.

Let’s take a look at those websites who prioritize the search engines instead of their readers. Although their websites might enjoy higher ranking in search engine results pages, but when individuals finally click and get to their site, the experience might not be satisfying enough for them to do anything significant like sign up for a newsletter, inquire about products or even make a purchase. This is because your effort to capture that reader and engage with him or her is only secondary to your goal of stuffing your write up with as many keywords as possible. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should throw keywords altogether. Good content is able to strike a balance between writing for the search engines and writing for your human readers.

Your author Chris Marentis enjoys writing about local seo marketing from his 25 years experience and provides local marketing services to small businesses with his company Surefire Social.