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A Quick and Easy SEO Audit Infograhic


Website hosting company InMotion Hosting has several handy infographics on their website. Each gives pertinent information about a website topic in a colorful, eye-catching format. InMotion also provides HTML code for each infographic so that they can easily be added to a website. One that is especially useful is the SEO Audit Checklist. It gives six easy steps to check the SEO quality of your website.

Web Browser

The checklist suggests verifying that your website has no issues with crawling or cloaked content by turning off cookies and JavaScript in your browser.


The audit lists several checks to perform on your homepage. One check is proofreading your page to make sure there are no errors. Another is checking for issues such as poorly drafted title tags or different versions of the page.

Global Navigation

Make sure all of the navigation links work and direct to the correct pages. Make sure you check the links in footers and headers as well.


There should be a good reason for each category and subcategory. If not, you are wasting valuable resources. Make sure that the content on each page is relevant and well-written.

Content Optimization

Analyze all of the content on your homepage. Ensure that items such as title tags, URLs, and meta descriptions are optimized.

SEO Off-Site

The final step in the checklist suggests the use of analytic tools to check for such issues as duplicate content and indexing problems.

These are just some highlights of the many tips and checks to be found in the SEO Audit. The infographic, along with the HTML code for it, can be found at InMotion Hosting’s website,

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