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Social media has been called a trend, a time-waster, and simply a form of entertainment. However, this particular method of communication has proven to be not only a lucrative form of advertising, but also a much less invasive one. Businesses that have an online presence see far more leads than those who stick to more traditional methods. Recently we have seen that social media marketing also closes a lot of deals. InsideView’s new infographic has the numbers to prove it. Around 90% of B2B companies are now using Facebook, and 53% are on Twitter. Recently, companies have discovered the marketing power of Pinterest, which is the fastest growing social media network in history. By creating a personable identity, and positive online image, these companies are able to reach a wider audience, and relate to them on deeper, more honest levels. Social media has made marketing and advertising entertaining and glamorous again, and there is no end in sight.

Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads

Kristina Carpenter is a writer for NowSourcing, Inc., which specializes in infogaphics and social media marketing.