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SEO copywriting is something that anyone with a website needs to know about. Being able to craft compelling copy that also targets keywords, means that you can generate free traffic from the search engines, while also generating a large readership (which you can turn into customers).

Without SEO copywriting, most people only target the search engines, (with keyword articles), or use sales copy to generate sales. However, SEO copywriting is a great method to combine both of these strategies and take the best benefits from each. There are some proven methods to make the most of this practice:

Choose the right keywords

The first step is to always choose the right keyword phrase to base your content around. Ideally you should select one or two keywords or keyword phrases that you want to rank highly for, and which target your best customers. For example, it is worth writing content for product names and model names, as people who are ready to make a purchase generally search for them. If you target these keywords with compelling copy, you can make a significant income.

Keywords can also be centered on your own business and website if you have a brand or well-known local company. This is also an effective technique.

Write a strong headline

If you are creating a webpage, article, blog post or email, you need to think in terms of creating sales copy. As such, there are certain aspects that need to be in place. One of the most important factors is the headline. This is important because it is the first thing that anyone reads, and it will influence whether or not they read the rest of the content. As such, you should choose a headline that captivates your prospective reader, and which includes your primary keyword at least once. This is also important for SEO as Google places a lot of weight on the words used in the title or headline.

Check your keyword density

In order to make the content readable, but also optimised for the search engines, you should write it first without editing. Next, go back over the article and aim to increase your keyword density for your main keyword. You can do this by looking over your content and finding words that can be replaced with your primary keyword phrase. It is important that you never stuff your article with keywords, as this will be penalised by the search engines, which is counter productive.

Use links wisely

When creating content it is important to use links in the most effective way possible. When creating articles, you have the option to place a link at the bottom of the content (known as the resource box). This is the ideal place to create a short paragraph about your business, product or service in order to generate leads. It is important that this section of your content is enticing for your readers so that they click the link and go to your website or sales page.