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The internet has revolutionized the way that things are done. For instance, in the past individuals had to go out and check out the shops in their local community in order to purchase items. However, the advent of the internet and websites has allowed consumers to check out shops without even leaving their doorsteps. So how does this affect local businesses? This means that in order for small businesses to survive, they need to have a strong online presence. The internet is fast replacing the Yellow Pages and it’s high time for entrepreneurs to act.

1. Interact with your consumers. The internet can be likened to a two-way street where it’s not just the businesses who can reach out to consumers but the latter can air their suggestions and complaints for businesses to respond to as well. One easy way for local businessmen to market their business to prospects and consumers is to capitalize on this by providing useful information and giving reasons for how consumers benefit from purchasing goods or availing of services from them.

2. Optimize your keywords for a specific area. This is especially important because you are operating a local business which means that optimizing for keywords without place modifiers, although still useful, does not have to be necessary. This is because you do not your website to show up in the first page results for the entire world to see; you just need your website to rank high for local searches.

3. Claim your Google Places listing. This search engine giant has been wooing local businesses and it’s time that you take advantage of this. When you run a search which includes a place modifier, you will notice a map in the results page as well as seven to eight links to local businesses. The organic results are pushed at the bottom of the results page. With the help of local searches, local businesses can rank higher than most websites, an easy way to increase visibility and traffic to your local website.

4. Add your contact information in each page. The reason for why consumers are online researching for different local businesses is because they do not know any establishment which sells the products they are looking for. They’re willing to buy something but they first need to know where your store is located. For this reason, make your contact information visible in every page to save them the trouble of finding it.

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