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Analysing your web analytics data is crucial! Just like in any marketing efforts, the study of your customer’s behaviour is key in improving the end product. This is exactly the same case with websites as a product. You need to study how the people see it, react to it and use it and website analytics never been easier (and cheaper) than today.

Sites like Facebook and Google provide web analytics data for FREE. This is a huge help for web marketers, as long as they know what these numbers stand for and more importantly, how they can be used to improve the website. In this article, we will discuss what these numbers are and how you can concretely use them to make important improvements within your site.

Click Analytics

Click analysis refers to what the users click in a site. This seems like a mundane thing but you might be surprised at which articles they click on the most, which product photos get the most clicks and even which ads are selected the most.

By knowing which items get clicked in a day, week or month, and observing the usage pattern of the users, you can better position your other priority items so that they will be easy to click, too. For example, if your site posts blogs alongside product updates, but you notice that the users really just click on the product updates, then you know that they visit you primarily because of your products. You can spend less time creating blog entries or better yet, make your blog entries about your product (behind the scenes stories, personal stories about product usage etc).

google analyticsLocation Analytics

Location means a whole lot in today’s marketing – ads are being dispersed depending on the location of the viewer. You can easily know where you are popular, where you are least popular. In most cases, this can be dissected not just per country, but per state or even per city.

Location-based services can help you design the filtering of your site so that your customers don’t need to sift through a huge amount of data to get what they want. For example, if you know that most of your users are from Brisbane, then you should display the list of shops in Brisbane prominently.

Keyword Analytics

By knowing which keywords are often used in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, you can easily see if you have lots of competition in the keywords that you want to incorporate in your site, where they are most commonly used and what other keyword options can be made available to you.

Today, there is a keyword ranking fight, this is essentially the core of SEO. So knowing how to position your site in relation to the most relevant keywords, can bring in a significant increase in your web site traffic.