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Family cloud storageThere has been a lot of emphasis on cloud storage for business, but it can be used at home as well. For home users and families, the cloud can be a useful tool for entertainment and keeping organized. Using cloud storage at home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It is a storage solution with a lot of possibilities and enough features to be useful to the entire family.

Storing Important Documents

Almost every family has a file cabinet filled with important documents. With cloud storage, your family can store all of your important documents virtually. Keep copies of birth certificates, diplomas, or even your credit report and income tax records. This offers safe storage with access whenever you need it.

Family To-Do Lists and Errands

One of the most convenient functions of the cloud is the ability to create virtual documents that can be updated instantly by multiple people. For a busy family this can be highly useful. You can store your to-do lists, grocery lists, chores, or errands and access them from anywhere. If someone is at the grocery store, you can add items to the grocery list while they are shopping and they will see it instantly.

Media and Entertainment Storage

Home entertainment today is highly connected to each other. From internet TV to wireless speakers and media player, your entire home can be optimized for media. With cloud storage you can store your favorite digital copied movies, music, or home videos and play them on any device you wish. If you want to hold a movie night, your internet TV can connect to your home network and access the video right from your cloud storage. You can even share your favorite movies with distant family members.

Storing Your Digital Life

Many families capture those special moments with video or photos. Even e-cards get sent out during the holidays. With the cloud you can store and access those digital keepsakes and keep them safe. Nothing is worse than losing vacation or graduation pictures when your computer crashes. This is what the cloud does best, keeps back-up copies of files safe and accessible.

Planning Special Occasions

Some of the most creative users find new ways to use the cloud. One of these ways is by keeping plans for special occasions. Whether it is a birthday party, a vacation, or a wedding, all of your plans, sites, and decorating ideas can be stored on the cloud. This allows access if you are meeting your travel agent, wedding planner, or if you are planning it yourself. Now nothing will get lost by falling out of a binder or being misplaced.

The cloud is highly adaptable and useful to every family. If you are looking for a way to keep your household in order, consider the cloud for your family computing and assure everything you need is where you can get it.

Jeffrey Stables is a tech blogger and father who utilizes the cloud for secure file sharing between family members near and far.