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Local SEO is something that many businesses still don’t know about or take advantage of. The ones that do take advantage of local SEO have a huge advantage over their competition. As many local businesses know very little about the internet, they miss out on a lot of profits. Local SEO is a very inexpensive way to market your business, but usually brings in a great return on investment.

These days Google has moved to a model that is based on local search, so it’s now a better time than ever to use local SEO. In more and more searches on Google, you will find maps and local listings at the top of the results.
The goal of your local SEO strategy should be to get ranked high for your city, instead of trying to rank high in the general listings. This is much easier to accomplish. Local search is something that is going to continue to be very important for the lives of most people looking for products and services.

Try to get a Google maps listing

The ultimate goal here should be to get the map link via Google. This is the ultimate Google local business tool and will generate a great deal of traffic for your website. You will find that with Google local search there are a number of listings that can be gained. For example, you can have dynamic maps, images and possibly videos.

You will be able to list your business address and phone number, as well as your business details in Google local search information. When submitting your information to local search, ensure that all of your information is correct. Keep in mind that a location-based maps listing is a very influential asset.

Use local directories

You should search for and use any local directories that are available online. It is very likely that your city has a number of directories, especially if it has a large population. These directories let businesses advertise for free, and they generally bring in a wide audience. They are very similar to online yellow pages, but offer a free way to promote your business with targeted traffic.

Any local business will find directories invaluable and are able to generate leads from this resource. You are advised to find these local directories for your city and start listing your business under the relevant category.

Build up your local links

Just as links from other websites are very good for building up page rank, bringing in more traffic and building up business, so are links from other local websites. In fact, in many cases, these links can be even more valuable. As such, you should stop building up links in random fashion, and instead focus on the local links from businesses and webmasters. Google now finds local links much more valuable than any random do-follow link.

Place your city in the anchor links

When submitting links to other websites ensure that you always include your city in the anchor text. For example, instead of ranking for “hairdresser” you should create links for “Brisbane hairdresser”.

Use the methods above and you will find that you local search rankings increase drastically.