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Internet entrepreneurs may find Joomla is an excellent tool for them. This open source software is designed to be a content management system (CMS) which enables even the most novice of website builders to manage all of the content on their websites with ease. This includes all of the text, images, audio, video, quizzes, surveys and other applications available on the website.

Without a powerful CMS it can be easy to lose track of important information on your website. More importantly though it can be easy to wind up creating dead links when content gets shifted from one location to another on the website. This can create a huge problem because search engines will stop crawling your website when a dead link is encountered. Joomla eliminates all the pressure of managing your content and avoiding these types of issues because it keeps track of everything for you.

Another advantage of Joomla for novice website builders is the ability to create websites quickly without knowing any complicated coding. You can create a website in just a few clicks of the mouse, without ever writing any code. Making changes to your website with Joomla is even easier because you do not have to worry about creating coding errors when pieces of information are removed.

Websites created through Joomla do not have to be simple. This platform enables users to create complex functionality with ease. You can include components such as product catalogs, reservation systems, shopping carts and other business applications. The possibilities are limitless and there is something for every need.

Joomla is not just for newbies to website design though. This CSM also enables the website designer to easily create more advanced features. One of the more advanced tools which will be of particular interest to internet entrepreneurs keeping an eye on the search engine rankings of their websites is the data reporting tools which can be built through Joomla. These tools can be customised to provide the user with any type of information imaginable. They can easily see not only how many people are visiting the website, but which subpages are they clicking through to and how much time they are spending on each subpage. They can also see which advertisements are being clicked on most frequently. This valuable information helps the website owner to see what is working well on the website and, more importantly, what needs improvement.