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A lot of dreams and aspirations are associated with the thought of making a profitable website for your business. The first step to make your presence marked in the internet world is to make your website easily searchable. While you design your own site, you need to keep certain aspects of site architecture in mind to make it easily accessible for search engines to index. Some important guidelines suggested by Google which you should keep in mind while deciding your site’s architecture, and make it easily searchable include the following:

  • The site should be made with proper hierarchy and text links. All pages of the website should be accessible from a minimum of one static link.
  • A site map should exist for users which can take them to chief links of the site.
  • Avoid using images to display links or content. Crawlers of most search engines do not recognise text included in images. Instead, use text for important content, names and links.
  • Make sure there are no broken links in your source code.

After reviewing these rules for designing the site, it would be a good idea to further look into the following tips, which will help you enhance the ranking of your site in various searches:

  • The first significant point is to include your keywords (which a potential customer will use to search the type of content your site is offering) in the headers, titles and starting lines of your content.
  • Do your research on the methods used by various websites which are already ranked high in your required search results.
  • Make sure that you update your website regularly and optimise it according to search engine guidelines.
  • Track the location of visitors of your website and learn which keywords are best suited for your site accordingly.
  • Offer newsletters, free reports etc to encourage regular visitors to your site.
  • The title and description “metatag” of your webpages is vivid and should be enticing for the users. Many search results show these and hence this can be very helpful in driving traffic to your site.

You must have heard several times that “content is the king”. But, do remember that even if your site has quality and unique content which can be of great help to the users, your site will not have any significance until it is able to reach its audiences. Hence, it is important to keep the points mentioned above while you create your website and turn it into a profitable business tool.