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Using Twitter is a very important aspect of the Internet marketing process for any business. Twitter can be used to increase your followers, subscribers, website traffic, clients and customers. There are some methods of growing your followers, which are more effective than others. This article is going to cover the most effective ways available to you.


With Twitter you only have 140 characters, so many times your tweet can serve as a long headline, which is a very effective method of use. The best marketers are able to use good headline writing skills in order to grow their Twitter followers, as they use tested psychological concepts. If you want to understand this then simply look at any good sales letter and customise the headline for your own tweet.

Display your personality

Don’t try to be someone that you’re not on Twitter. This is something that many people get trapped by as they imagine they need to put on a false persona to attract a growing list of followers. This is not the case. It is now much better to be authentic and to show your true personality. This will let people know who you really are and get to know you.

Always tweet in a way that is a natural part of your personality. You can be funny, honest and genuine at the same time. Obviously not everyone is going to like you, but you are looking to develop a set of followers that connect with you and will follow you for a long time.

Look at trends

You can build your followers by finding and identifying certain trends that are occurring. Trends are likely to be issues that other people will find very interesting, so it is a great way to start up a conversation with your followers and attract new ones. It is important that you focus on trends that are in some way related to your business or niche market. You can always find a way to connect certain issues to your niche market, as long as you think creatively.

Be helpful

When using Twitter, you need to think about ways that you can help other people. This is a great mindset to adopt, and will quickly help you to increase your number of followers. There are many ways that you can be generous to other Twitter users. For example, you can answer questions that other people have asked, you can check websites for usability or take the time to complete a survey. You can also use a little time to review products, services or to offer news on new opportunities available on the Internet.

Support other users

All businesses on Twitter want to build their followers and generate leads to their website. If you can offer support then you will gain followers, as many people pay attention to this. It costs you nothing to promote other businesses, so you should make tweets that offer entertaining remarks or reviews of other products. Everyone appreciates support and it says a lot about your character.