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Unless you have followed the development of the Internet since the days when it’s network of information was regarded as the “information highway”, you may be forgiven for believing that business marketing online is as old as the World Wide Web itself.  But in fact this form of marketing has evolved, quite slowly, out of this so-called information highway – a term spawned by Al Gore, American vice-president in the 1990s.

In the early days, the Internet was seen as a huge library of information that the world’s population could use. (Prior to this it was only accessible by the US military.) Since it wasn’t regarded to be a means of communication, its value in terms of marketing wasn’t recognised until much later.

Stages of Business Marketing Evolution

Generally there are five stages of development that have been identified in the growth of Internet communication usefulness:

  1. email
  2. instant messaging
  3. blogs
  4. social media network sites
  5. corporate advertising

Email Services

The ability to send emails online was probably the first step in the evolution of business marketing online. It gave the World Wide Web a general usefulness to the greater public, specifically people who could use it to communicate quickly and easily with anybody else with an email service.

Instant Messaging

Working along the same principles as instant messaging via cell phones, Internet service providers opened the lines of communication to their users. Instead of having to wait for a response from an email, responses via instant messaging were – and still are – immediate, presuming of course the person you are “talking to” or messaging, is online at the same time. If not you have to wait for them to come online too.


The original blogs were more like online Internet journals or diaries than the average blogs we see today. Adopting the name blog from the original “web-blogs”, blogs nowadays have become more actively orientated to those who are looking for specific information. Further, they allow those reading the blogs to leave comments and join an ongoing conversation on a particular topic.

Social Media

In addition to the successful search engines – particularly Google – it is the social media that have taken the world by storm, at the same time creating very comfortable bank balances for their originators. For example, it is no secret that Facebook is one of the largest web sites in the world and that its rather controversial young originator is already one of the richest people in the world.

The online community has responded overwhelmingly to social media network web sites. This doesn’t mean they go to these sites to do business, but rather to communicate, exchange opinions, find friends and look at pictures and videos sourced by others who are often more resourceful than they are.

Today there are enormous opportunities for business marketing via social media network sites. Over the past few years, numerous savvy marketing pros have experimented with ways that they can combine traditional marketing expertise with the additional advantages Internet technology offers.

Corporate Advertising

While individual web sites have offered the opportunity for advertising, pretty well from the start, the Internet was not an obvious place for most large corporations to advertise. In fact there was some resistance in the beginning. But as more and more people began accessing the Web for information and communication, this in itself opened up new advertising opportunities.

Today, at very least most companies and businesses will have their own web sites. But many have made it their business to create an inimitable online presence, often encouraged to do so by entrepreneur marking experts. Certainly even more have recognised that this now no longer “new” technology can be used very successfully as a creative and productive marketing tool.

Another undeniably probability is that online business marketing opportunities will continue to grow as the industry continues to evolve alongside new technologies.


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