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Is your business’ website not performing as well you had hoped? Do you know where you are going wrong and what you need to do to fix it? If the answer to those questions is no then you need help and you can get just that in the form of some free Google tools. With these tools you can see how your website is performing, how popular it is and where you can make improvements to ensure that you convert visitors into paying customers. So let’s take a look at some of these helpful tools.

Google Analytics

This is a great tool that anyone with a website can use absolutely free. It allows you to monitor the traffic to your site, what keywords they are typing in to find you and at what stage they are dropping off i.e. where they are leaving the site without performing an action such as registering, making a purchase or filling out the contact form. Once you know where you need to make improvements on your site then you can address the problems. So if your website is getting 5000 visitors a month and only 10 of them are making a purchase you know you have a problem. You can set up goals through Analytics that will track the exact point that people are dropping out on the site, maybe your contact form is too long or people can’t find the checkout.

Google Webmaster Tools

Much like Google Analytics this tool allows you to analyse the performance of your website as it shows you how well it is optimised and what websites are linking back to it. It focuses on individual searches and presents you with data on them. It shows you what search terms people are typing into Google when they find your site. This presents SEO opportunities as you can optimise your site so that it ranks highly within Google for a search term that people are already typing in to find you, which will bring you more relevant traffic to your site. Webmaster Tools work alongside Analytics to give you a greater all round and more specific analysis of your websites performance and the traffic that it generates.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

If you are doing search engine optimisation on your website then this is a vital tool and the first one you should use. This tool allows you to find out how many people are searching for a key word or term within Google that is relevant to your website. You can set a specific location so that you can find out the average number of people in a particular country that are making that exact search every month. This information is vital for SEOs as they use it to determine which key phrases they will target for the campaign and it allows them to generate relevant traffic to your site as they know there are people actually searching for what you have to offer. Not bad for a free tool right?

So there are 3 free tools from Google that if used correctly can seriously benefit your business. Why not give them a try yourself and see how much they can help you.

Stuart Cooke is a freelance SEO Consultant. He uses all 3 of these tools on a daily basis as they help him organise and analyse his SEO campaigns.