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Overview of Google Keyword Tool

There is certainly no substitute for your own hard work when it comes to designing, creating content for and optimising your website, but the Google Keyword Tool can be helpful to you. The tool uses the URL of your website and words or phrases entered by you to produce a series of recommended keywords. In most cases these will not include keywords you are already utilising. The purpose of this tool is to assist you in finding new ways in which to market your website.

The Google Keyword Tool includes a search based tool in addition to the keyword tool available in AdWords. The search based tool offers the advantages of crawling your website to make keyword suggestions not currently available in your account. This search based tool also offers specific category information as well as suggestions for bids.

The primary benefit of the Keyword Tool is they offer you the opportunity to tap into new markets. This is done with the suggestion of keywords outside of the ones already in your account. These tools dig a little bit deeper to uncover new keywords which may still be relevant but are a little less obvious for the focus of your website. These tools also take a look at your top competitors and factor the keywords used by your competitors not only into the keyword suggestions but also into the bid suggestions as well. With this type of information you are in a good position to move up against the competition in your niche.

Another advantage of the search based Google keyword tool is it works directly with the content on your website. Unlike other keyword tools which may make suggestions for keywords based on the keywords you enter, this tool actually takes a look at the content you have on your website and bases the keyword suggestions on the content. This is significant because it provides the tool with more information to work with such as the direction of the website. In this way the keywords provided are more likely to be closely aligned with your products and services.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind the Google keyword tools come with no guarantees. The suggestions generated by these tools may provide you with a new direction and may help you to pinpoint new opportunities but this is not only the case. In some cases the suggested keywords may actually detract from your website intentions. For this reason it is always a good idea to carefully review the keyword suggestions before you add them to your account.