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Google Analytics: A Must-Have Tool for Webmasters

Why you should add Google Analytics to your website?

If you have a website, it is important to understand the visitors’ behaviours of your website well. Where are they coming from, what pages they do visit, popular content on your site, keywords that drive traffic to your website, and many such things.

Google Analytics enables you to know how a visitor reaches your site and gives detail about the interaction of the visitor with your site’s content. A quick overview will help us understand the power of this wonderful tool.

Google Analytics has the following characteristics which make it irresistible for any web site owner who is interested in increasing their site traffic:

  • Quick installation: You just need to add the tracking script to the source code of your web pages and in just a few hours Google Analytics will start providing you the data.
  • Option to integrate the data: Google Analytics offers you an integrating option which enables you to integrate it with various tools and software packages like Google website optimiser, CRM solutions, The Google Search Appliance and Mini, dashboard reporting systems and a lot more.
  • Advance reporting facility: Various facilities like Geo Targeting, site overlay, executive dashboards, conversion funnels, e-commerce reports and segmentation of visitors helps you track your visitors and lets you know activities performed by them while they interact with your site.
  • Linked to Adwords: Google Analytics can be very beneficial to you if you use Adwords for advertising your website. You have an option to configure Google Analytics in such a way that it can import your keyword list and even the cost data. ROI metrics for individual keywords, as well as for Adwords campaigns, can be generated using this powerful tool.
  • Analysis in complex environments: Google Analytics can easily handle challenges of analysing data in complex environments where a website uses various jazzy stuff like multiple domains, Flash, long, complicated URLs, sub domains etc. This makes it flexible and versatile.
  • Google Analytics is professional and behaviour focused: You might find a statistics tools focusing more on technicalities and the mechanical aspects of web traffic rather than providing you data about visitors’ behaviour. The data provided by Google Analytics provides you with an insight into behavioural psychology of the visitors.

What comes as a treat, is that this sophisticated tool is available for free and is highly beneficial to track your visitors, analyse the situation and strategies for optimising your web site accordingly.