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Building a goal oriented, productive website and placing it online is not enough. Every experienced online marketer knows that driving traffic to your website is the only way to create a successful business. That is why SEO has become such an important element in Internet marketing. Unfortunately, SEO has also become synonymous with “keywords” to the point that the entire focus for beginners is planting those words. You can litter the online landscape with keyword driven material all you want, and it will do little to actually drive traffic to your sites, especially now that Google is leading the way to a new algorithm with its “Panda” algorithm aimed at taking down the content farms, and grist mills that exist only to generate links and drive traffic.

The reason Google is so hard on these places is that they dilute the information available for real consumers. That’s one of the things I saw when I first began my Internet marketing business, and noticed that real reviews that had good, honest information that would help consumers were almost impossible to find. Instead there were cut and paste reviews directly copied from, or reviews that obviously didn’t have any thought behind them at all, except the thought to put a link on a page so it would rank in the old search engine system.

Feeding the Need

Good Internet marketers that employ solid SEO techniques know that it is as important to foster the need of the consumer as it is to get the attention of mechanical “spiders” that crawl the web for links. Traffic won’t do you any good at all if the reader isn’t excited by your information, or worse, is turned off by unwieldy grammar and bad syntax.

The Necessary Elements of Good Web Content

Just like the proper fertilizer will help plants grow strong and healthy, the proper content fertilizes and promotes a healthy, strong relationship with you and your readers. The information you provide to them should have at least four important elements: It should be…

  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Captivating
  • Honest

When I first opened my site that specialized in reviews of quality products, such as the Eureka Titan Family Tent, I followed all the prescribed methods of getting traffic to my pages, and hoped it would follow through to my website. I noticed, however that once I started paying closer attention to the actual information made available in my articles and sales pages that my website traffic increased tremendously. Not only that, but my sales began to really take off too. The reason is that I was cultivating trust and interest.

I make sure the articles I use to direct traffic to my camping tent site have all of the elements above, and I also make sure reviews I place for any camping related products have the same ingredients. Even though I know the products are good, and will be a great addition to any family camping trip, I can’t expect my customers to just take that on faith. I have to prove it to them. In my case it entailed purchasing a camping tent, and putting it through the paces on a weekend camp out with some friends. It was only after erecting the tent, testing the tent’s suitability for sleeping comfort etc., was I comfortable giving an honest appraisal of it’s suitability for a luxury family tent for my audience.

So when you create your content, make sure you keep that idea in mind for your readers as well. Though you shouldn’t forget sound SEO techniques for pleasing the search engine spiders; such as on page optimization, always keep in mind that your traffic is actually real, live people, not merely an algorithm.

Your web traffic will increase and your site will be much more effective.

Bruce StevensBruce  Stevens fosters a technique of using guest articles in driving traffic to his website,, & also to his review site where he hosts consumer oriented reviews for products such as the Eureka Titan Luxury Family Tent .