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What is Facebook Voice for Admins?

You may recently have seen discussions surrounding Facebook Voice for Administrators (Admins). On searching for this tool in my Facebook pages, I couldn’t find it. I thought, maybe it’s a progressive roll out or maybe Australia is getting is later than elsewhere. No, it was just me…in fact, the tool was there all the time, sitting quietly (a bit like its launch) just waiting for me to discover.

This tool allows page admins to ‘like’ and make comments as themselves instead of the business for which they administer a Facebook page by clicking on one button instead of having to delve into settings or elsewhere to change things.

The button doesn’t just ‘appear’ on every page every time you visit. You have to set it up first to be able to work with it easily. To do this:

Click on Home and Choose a Business Page for which you are Admin:

In the past, if you had a business page and wished to comment on that page, you would go to the news feed page and add a comment. That comment would be noted as having been made by the business and not yourself. If you wanted to make the comment from yourself, you had to go to your posting preferences in setting and change what entity would be the default for posting. This would need to be done every time you wanted to change the persona of the Facebook voice commenting.

Facebook have improved the usability of this tool in the previous few weeks and have added a new toggle button. This is the button which I was unable to find when I first went looking.

So now you have clicked on the business page you wish to work from and suddenly decide you want to make an exciting personal comment on the business page as you yourself! What do you do?

The page you will be on is the Admin Panel, from here you click on the Edit Page drop down menu and click on ‘Use Facebook as xxxx’ or Julie in my case:

Facebook Admin Panel for comment voice

Just remember before you make a business page, you must have a personal page and you can have more than one administrator for any page.

Then, you will see on the business home page (below the Facebook Search Bar) a line which says:

You are posting, commenting, and liking as <Your Business Name> — Change to <Your Name> 

Facebook button to change voice on home page

So remember, this button will not appear on your business page when you first log in here, only on the edit page pull down menu, when you choose ‘use Facebook as…’ and select yourself, the ‘voice’ menu returns.

Benefits of Facebook Voice for Admins button

  •  As an individual, I am sometimes faced with articles on the business page which I want my personal friends to look at on the business. In the past, this was difficult and could look very amateurish if I ‘liked’ as the business instead of myself. Now it is simple
  • Some articles or posts require a personal touch to give a very human face to some information, again, this is simple now with the voice change button
  • Should you be using a ‘Personality’ to be your brand’s voice (think Warnie for ‘Advanced Hair Studio’), you may find it a novel and relationship building exercise to have your Personality do occasional comments on posts for your business
  • Your business may have several people posting on your website for various reasons, they may be administrators to keep pricing schedules updated, legal eagles to check T&Cs whenever a new line is launched or maybe the General Manager just puts in a once-a-month newsletter. In the past, if these people happened to be looking at the Business Facebook Page, and ‘liked’ a post another part of the business had loaded, they would show as ‘liking’ from the business instead of themselves, which looked very unprofessional.

This improvement keeps Facebook in line with the Google+ ability to change ‘voices’ simply and any tool that makes maintaining our business Facebook easier and faster is a bonus to all social media marketers.