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Are you using Facebook Insights for your business? Do you know what Facebook Insights are, or how this can help you market your business? Basically, if you are using Facebook, then you need to at least understand and look at your Facebook Insights. Using these insights will help you work out if your Facebook page is actually working and if your content strategy is meeting the needs of your users.

What are Facebook Insights?

Every engagement occurrence your visitors have with your Facebook page is registered with the Facebook platform. Facebook Insights is the data collation of non-identifiable aggregated information of the interaction with your page and posts. The information is about the sharing and engagement of your visitors


Why are Facebook Insights useful to a small business?

As a small business it may not be economical to engage market researchers to gather data on your customers. Facebook engages with the individuals who have have proactively associated themselves with you. The information you are able to gather from these Facebook ‘likers’ freely gives you information on those people. This data is invaluable to determining who really is your target market, finding out a little bit about them and adjusting your products, services, delivery or marketing message to meet that market.

If you know your average conversion rate is 3% of people who respond to an advertisement in traditional media or walk in off the street, you can start to gain a picture of the amount of quality posts you need to be creating to achieve similar conversions. You can even begin to put a value on the time it takes to create the posts and how much engagement you need to each post to cover the costs and then make a profit. When you see a post has been read by 100 users and linked to by 50, you have a quantifiable result to compare past and future campaigns against.

What do I have to do?

  1. Invite people to ‘like’ your business page. Until you have 30 ‘likes’ you will not be able to access any actual data from your Facebook Insights.
  2. To gain access to Facebook Insights you need to Open the  settings menu below the cover photo on your page.
  3. Select ‘View Insights’
  4. You can export the data if you want to, you can have it as a file which you can add to on a regular basis and compare month on month or campaign to campaign.


What will I see?

The graphs include for any given time period and any given post:

  1. Number of ‘likes’- who has ‘liked’ your page and their basic demographics
  2. How many people have read and engaged with a post
  3. ‘Viralty’, no not the ‘flu, but whether the post was passed along by your readers
The demographics provided include gender, age, country and language.

How can I use this information?

By linking this information to your marketing plan you are able to determine-

  • if you are aiming your posts to the demographic who are actually engaging with you
  • whether your product offering is being targeted at the right market
  • which particular advertising ideas will be most beneficial by launching several posts with different ideas you can cheaply plan a traditional advertising campaign getting feedback for free before starting

There is an old adage that you can’t manage what you can’t measure and this is even more relevant within the social media world. Many businesses complain that they cannot measure the effectiveness of social media, Facebook Insights is a useful tool to help make social media measurable.