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Keyword research is something that many internet marketers overlook when they are creating blog posts, articles and other online content. However this is a big mistake if you want to rank well in the search engines and get your content found by your target market. This article is going to cover five of the most important steps when conducting keyword research.

Know your market

The first thing that you need to know is your own market. This might sound strange but many people are not specific enough. You need to know the specific niche of your market that your products target. Only then can you start to drill down in to the specific keywords that your target prospects are searching for.

Only target those keywords that people in your market are searching for. This is the simplest way to get started. If you are unsure about this then you can find multiple tools, free and paid, that will help you to identify these search terms.

Use the long tail keywords

As most competition centers on the shorter keywords, you will have a lot more success when you target longer keyword phrases. In short, if you can create content around such keyword phrases, you are much more likely to rank highly, and be found by customers. This is because the competition is smaller for the longer keywords, but can still be very lucrative.

In fact, this strategy can be very profitable if you target product names and famous people in your market. Oftentimes other marketers in your niche overlook these terms.

Target geographic locations

If you are a service business or offer very local products, then you should never neglect the geographic locations in your keyword research. It is important to know that local search has been growing at an alarming rate and many people only use their local region when searching the search engines. This is a tactic that all businesses should use when conducting keyword research.

Start small and grow

The key to keyword research is to start with a general list and then drill down. Start by using the words that you know are associated with your market, and type them into the search tool. From here you will discover a large amount of very interesting and useful information. Pay attention to the number of searches each keyword gets, where those searches are coming from, how many websites are competing for the same keyword and so on. Once you have this information you can really start to get the most profitable keywords in your market.

Use your competition

Your competition can be very helpful in building a great keyword list. Look at the companies who are dominating your market and see which keywords they rank well for. Find out how many backlinks they have and how many pages they have indexed. You can then find out how their webpages are optimised for certain keywords. This is a great way to find keywords very quickly.

Use the five tactics above to generate a very strong keyword list that you can put into action right away.