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SEO is very important, getting high in the search engine rankings can make a considerable difference to your company’s revenue and increase profits a great deal. Getting your site to rank highly, however, can take some time especially when you are using competitive keywords. You are by no means the only person wanting to get your site ranking highly so you are battling it out with other businesses for the top spots. With the importance of ranking highly on the search engines it might be tempting to cut some corners to get results sooner.  There are many so called black hat techniques that will help to give your search engine rankings a boost, but these boosts are only temporary and could deal greater damage in the future. Your SEO campaign progress may not be going as quickly as you would like it to, but bear in mind that the sure and steady method will be much more beneficial to you in the long run.

Even the Giants Are Not Exempt

You have probably heard already of how Google unlisted high street giant JC Penney from their directory. JC Penney managed to make up with Google again eventually but for a while, a search for the massive chain would not have the retailer’s website on any results. It was as though JC Penney’s website had disappeared overnight. It was still there, only it would no longer show up whenever somebody did a search. That Google is willing to remove such a big player from their directory without hesitation should be a stark warning to anybody that is thinking of taking a few short cuts. Cheating Google and Co. may help to give your SEO efforts a temporary boost, but it could also see you disappear from the cyber world completely.

Even if you are using black hat techniques to boost your ranking and it seems as though you are getting away with it, you shouldn’t get too comfortable. The search engines are constantly developing ways to catch cheats, and remove them, so you could well find that you wake tomorrow to find that your website no longer has a presence in the World Wide Web.

Why Would They Do This?

For some people, that Google try to do this is just them being awkward and making their lives more difficult for no particular reason. What they seem to be missing however is that Google are not doing what they do out of an act of kindness. Instead Google are a company that needs to fund itself, and make profits, just like any other company. In order to continue doing this they must continue to deliver a high quality of service that their customers will find useful. If you went into a pub and couldn’t find a quality beer, you are unlikely to go back again. Similarly, if web surfers searched on Google and couldn’t find quality search results, they are likely to use a different search engine next time.

That the search engines are continuing to maintain quality standards by helping to make sure that their search results are useful is something that we should be grateful for. Search engines are a very powerful and useful tool for us in both business and pleasure and it would be a travesty to have to sift through the search results for something that is of use to us.

If you are planning on cheating the system and using black hat SEO methods to get on the first page, remember that no organisation is too big to feel the wrath of Google. Get on their wrong side and you may disappear from the internet altogether.

Employing the services of a professional copywriter will help you use white hat SEO methods for high page rankings in the long term.