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As the world keeps moving towards the future, many new ways to do things appear every day, that make it possible for anyone to have a far greater reach and to be more and more efficient. However, when it comes to advertising businesses, there is one technique that has remained almost intact and, if anything, it has translated wonderfully from the pre-internet to the Internet era. It is known as article marketing, and it is one of the most overlooked and potentially beneficial marketing methods available to anyone nowadays.

In the past, articles were also used by big and small companies to generate more business. These companies used to write articles on upcoming trends or long-term problems (like taxes and recession for example), and publish them in magazines and newspapers in order to appeal to a mass audience and generate a response from it. Nowadays however, with the rise of the Internet and the way in which it enhances how we communicate, many businesses have opted for moving their article marketing efforts towards this new platform.

Article marketing on the Internet is a kind of advertising in which businesses, organisations and even individuals promote themselves by publishing medium-sized articles about topics in which they specialise. Once published, the author grants anyone the right to use and re-publish his or her articles, as long as the author is given the appropriate credit and the links that he or she posted in the article remain intact. In short, article marketing is like trading some valuable information (the article itself), in exchange for exposure and publicity from the people who use it.


Even if you only post your articles on your website, there are other venues through which you can spread your voice and get noticed far easily. One of them is by contacting the owners of websites you are interested in and offering them your articles for free. If they have a broad readership and publish content frequently, there is a high chance that they will accept to publish your article giving you full credit.

The main venue for marketing through articles however, is by submitting them to article directories. Article directories offer free submission services as long as you comply with their guidelines about the kind of content they accept. These directories have the tremendous advantage of carrying thousands of articles, which makes them hugely relevant among search engines. This in turn, gives you more potential for exposure and for your article to be re-published.

Another advantage of article submission directories is that they do not require you to have your own domain or portfolio, which can require some kind of expense on your behalf. Article directories on the other hand, offer not only a free venue to expose your articles, but bring you free, organic traffic for which you don’t have to pay a cent.

Tips and Benefits

In order to be relevant among both readers and search engines, articles have to be based on niche and popular topics. They have to be keyword-rich as well, including such keywords not only in the body of the article, but also in the headline as well for a better impact on search engines. If possible, article titles should be composed of your chosen keyword first, followed by a short-and-to-the-point phrase.

As a rule, most of the traffic from article submissions comes from those articles that are between 500 and 700 words long. People usually have short attention spans, so any article above this length risks not being read at all.

By writing short, relevant articles that appeal to a very specific group of readers, you will not only bring more exposure to your business, but more importantly, you will slowly but surely be perceived as a leader in your industry or particular market. This in turn will hook people who came to know you by your articles and will earn you repeated customers in the long run.

Another important point to consider when submitting your articles to submission sites, is to always avoid automatic submission software. This software will over-submit your article most of the time, which will have a counter-productive effect on your business. Because of that, always submit your articles manually and to a few, selected submission services that you know provide good quality articles.

Final Words

Article marketing is still a marketing method that is in its infancy compared to pay-per-click ads or even to link exchanging programs. That alone should be an excellent reason for trying it, but the fact that it is also a way to increase your online reputation and improve your image within your industry makes it a definite must-try for every business owner. And it’s a win-win situation as well, since re-publishers will benefit from the quality of the content you offer while you will grow your brand and business thanks to the external links they will provide.