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If you are building a blog or plan to build a blog using WordPress, you will soon discover the huge range of plugins available. The problem is that there are so many, how do you know which ones you need or which are best. You can filter lists of plugins by their rating, but that all takes time. Here is a list of 5 popular plugins that will be very useful for your blog.

1) WordPress for Seo by Joost de Valk – if you want to get traffic, you need a decent SEO plugin and there few as good as this one. I make no apologies for listing 2 of Joost’s plugins, simply because they are so good and so useful. This one does basic SEO analysis of your posts, allows you to edit your meta title and description and also displays a snippet of how your listing will be viewed on Google.

2) RSS Footer by Joost de Valk – links are an important factor for your blog if you want it to grow. There is no simpler way of getting links and putting your content out there than by submitting your RSS feed to the many feed directories that are out there. However, if your RSS content doesn’t have a link back to your site, then it;s really a wasted opportunity. This plugin solves that problem and allows you to create a footer with a link which is added to all you posts that go out via your RSS feed.

3) Spamfree WordPress by Todd Lahman – there is nothing more infuriating than having to trawl through your blog comments and delete all the spam you will get. There are other plugins out there, that do the sane thing, but some require you to part with money or need a subscription. This one is simple, free and actually works.

4) Photodropper by Photodropper LLC – this is a great plugin. Everyone needs photos for their blog on a regular basis, but it can be very time consuming sifting through dozens of royalty free photo sites just looking for the right image. This plugin brings over 200million royalty free images right into your WordPress dashboard. use the search toll to find the image you want, then just drop it into your post.

5) Microkid’s Related Posts by Microkid – to help keep your readers on your site you will want to direct them to other helpful posts. This plugin allows you to find those posts quickly and insert them into the end of an article. Linking to other posts will also help ‘link juice’ flow throughout your blog.

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